Year on year, the volume of mosquitos across Spain and other European regions has risen significantly. This year, we decided to tackle this issue head on and hired a mosquito specialist to spray all of our properties.

In Spain, we have three types of mosquitos; the Anopheles who prefer to hang out near clear waters and only really come out at night. They are also said to be attracted to dark clothing. Next up are the tiger mosquitoes who are usually found in flower pots and can strike day or night. Last but most certainly not least is the more commonly known mosquito that is usually found inside Villas and only comes alive at night.

There is some information that you may never have found out about these pesky insects!! However, the real reason for this blog is to highlight that we are doing something about this issue by having our Villas re-sprayed on a regular basis. As a result, we are pleased to say that there have only been a few bites reported over the past couple of months. More importantly, our clients can enjoy a relaxing, relatively “mosquito free” holiday all year round when they choose us.

However, when you are out and about it is advised that you still wear Mosquito repellent. Deet is a tried and tested formula that is used all over the world. It might also be wise to avoid wearing dark clothing given our research…

Thanks for reading,

The Star Villas Team